Grease vapors from kitchen cooking travels into the hood through the vent hood filters, and into the duct. Over time grease accumulates up to an unsafe level which is capable of igniting fire with just a spark from the kitchen cooking line and can spread easily to the roof within seconds causing sever damage.

Our trained and certified technicians clean the entire system to ensure that your exhaust system complies with all regulatory standards. We clean the hood, the duct work, the vents, and if needed, the fan.

Regular exhaust system cleaning is not only safe for your valued customers, employees, and property, it is also a compliance issue.



The restroom like all other rooms in the property need to be maintained to avoid leaving a negative impression. When restrooms are not properly maintained property owners, employees, and customers are affected. This is where we come in. Our service maintenance program evaluates all areas easily neglected while taking critical steps to ensure an odor and soil free sparkling clean facility resulting in great customer satisfaction. Let our experienced cleaners add that professional touch to your restroom.

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As any restaurant owner knows, the kitchen floor and kitchen equipment after months of continuous usage get ruffled, and if not properly taken care of quickly become a nuisance. Kitchen equipment and floors easily accumulate food build up, grime and grease which can attract parasites and promote bacteria growth, making it environmentally unsafe for both valued customers and employees.

Exclusive Restaurant Services of Texas can clean your kitchen equipment and flooring using our eco-friendly and Green Seal Certified products, along with well trained staff, helping create a cleaner kitchen and a safer work environment.


At Exclusive Restaurant Services of Texas, our mission is to provide the most cost effective pressure washing services to our clients using commercial grade power washers and water recapture programs. From fences, walls, windows, parking lots, sidewalks, or any type of building surface, our goal is to make your exterior surfaces look like new. Our commercial power washing services the entire Houston area. Give us a call today for a free pressure washing quote.